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Steve Shelton

Artist, singer, songwriter, man about town, Steve's whimsical art and music reminds one of simpler days. Enjoy the art and music from a Santa Barbara original.

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Someday This Day Will End  

words and music by Steve Shelton  (7 July 2020)


I was floating in my head again, lost inside my dreams 

I found myself alone, and then, that’s when I thought of you...

Someday this day will end     

We’ll be together

We know this love won’t bend

Through stormy weather

Someday we’ll sing this song 

holding each other

back where we both belong

with one another

Whenever silver linings try to hide inside the seams

just close your eyes and look for silver linings in your dreams

And dream until tomorrow comes and takes this day away

Until we find tomorrow let’s just dream away today.

And now I’ll dream of you

until this day breaks, 

and hope my dreams come true

this dreaming heart aches

Someday this night will end

and find a new day

Then we’ll begin again

Someday ...this day ...will end

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